LockIt App – Download Latest Version (UPDATED 2023)

LockIt App is one of the best tools available to protect your data from security breaches by putting up an additional security layer to your device.

Have you ever got into a situation where you were more concerned about the applications downloaded on your phone? Handing your phone to your parents, friends, or even the boyfriend so accessing personal data may make you feel anxious.

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Even though the person is close to you, you do not want them to access your personal information. We all have privacy like that we like to keep it secret. So that, you can get the help of the LockIt Application to protect your data.

Your child may open a financial application such as a bank application and enter something that may trouble you. Additionally, parents who have a child may need a phone to play games. In that case, the children may mistakenly enter the private space to access the information.

The Lockit App prevents the other users of your Smartphone from accessing your personal data. The application provides complete protection to private data. It protects you from personal information breaches and keeps your device safe from manipulation. 

You can lock your apps and data with the fingerprint settings, notify, and set the safety reminders to ensure all the applications and stored data are put into a private space.

Lock your photos videos folders with fake themes or cover pictures. The application hides your secret in a way that the other person accessing your device will never be able to access the data.

What is the Lockit App?

Did you ever face challenges from your lover who showed interest in checking your message and call logs? Or have you ever accidentally seen the private photos of your friends?

Due to the easy accessibility of the Smartphone, it has become challenging to safeguard your pictures from others without having security apps like LockIt. Because, once the digital copies are created, they will stay forever in your phone until you decide to delete them altogether. 

There will be a time when your phone might get in the hand of your parents or anyone close to you. In this case, you may not like them to know what kinds of messages, photos, or videos you stored on your phone.

The person may secretly view all your private and confidential information. You might get freak out if the situation occurs to you.

Lockit App provides you require data security. Not only store your data securely, but the application also prevents accidental access to the application consisting of private information. Set the password in the folder and stop accessing all the applications stored in the folder.

In addition, the application enables the users to store the photos and videos into a secure vault. The images and videos are held privately so no one can reach close to the folder. It is hidden so that normal phone users will never find the folder. 

locking system protects your files from kinds of safety breaches or unexpected events where other users handle your phone. The new themes and color options make the vault invisible to the users. Only the folder creator will know where the information is stored.

Application Package Information

Application NameLockIt App
File Size12 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 and Above

How to Download and Install the LockIt App?

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Get the Lockit security App from the app store. Android users can download and install this smartphone security app from the Google play store. Search the application in the play store and get it downloaded.

The iOS users can find the application listed on the IOS app store. It is free to download, and anyone with a Smartphone device can download and run the app on their device.

How to Download and Install the Lockit App for Android?

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Android users should follow step by step guide to download and install the Lockit App on their smartphones.

  • Unlock your Smartphone and go to the Google play store app.
  • Use the search bar to find the “Lockit app.”
  • Tap on the first one on the search results at the top. Use the install button to start the installation process.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient space on your phone. The download will begin and get completed within a minute.
  • Once the application is downloaded successfully, you will have an application icon on your device. 
  • Launch the app and start using it.

LockIt App for PC and Mac

The PC and MAC users could download the application from the respective app repositories such as Windows App Store.

How to Get the LockIt App for IOS?

IOS users can download the Lockit app from the app store. Go to the app store and search for the application name. The result will show you the app available to install. Use the install button to download and run the application. 

Launch the application and start using it. After you click the install, the installation process will begin, and within a minute, you will have your application downloaded on your device.

Afterward, move all your files, application, folders, and data that you are willing to store in the private space to the application. Lock the information with the password and do not allow others to use it.

How to Use This Smartphone Data Protection Application?

The LockIt App interface is simple to use. The application gives you the ability to control the various elements of the application without requiring prior training.

Set the pin pattern for the password, pattern, or fingerprint lock. You have been given multiple options to choose from, so you do not have to rely on one formula to safeguard your content.

Furthermore, LockIt data protection App allows you to hide the photos and videos in the private vault. Only you have access to this information. Next, enable the intruder selfie mode, which takes pictures of the person who tries to unlock your phone. The selfie is stored in a particular folder, which will not be accessible to the user.

Besides all these features, you also have the option to apply a fake cover to the vault. It prevents you from breaking the barrier and entering your personal space.

After that, use the notification cleaner to block the access of the regular notification. Clean the junk messages and keep your phone up to date.

Detailed Aspects of the App

The ultimate purpose of the Lockit app is to secure your data. There are many situations when you have to put your phone with your friends. Access to your private information will be at stake when your phone is not with you. 

Data security becomes the most important thing to manage as the phone gets into the wrong hand.

You should not risk your private pictures, videos, documents, and messages with others. If anyone gets a hand over this personal information, they can take charge of your decision. They may blackmail you or use you for their benefit.

Choose the Lockit app to live a worry-free life. The digital world has provided us many benefits with adapting the new technology, but it has also created many burdens to the users. 

You need solutions to protect your data stored on the Smartphone. The application gives you the desired safety and prevents you from losing your data to the wrong hand.

LockIt App Features

App lock: Use the application to lock the entire folder using the password. Different password protection options are provided to the users, such as pin, pattern, and fingerprint, so you are assured that the information cannot be leaked.

Safe vault for multimedia: The multimedia files such as videos and photos are easy targets for stealing private data. This data gets stolen and used by the data thief for their interest. Thus, users should not keep their data accessible on the phone. The safe vault feature of the LockIt provides a secure space to store your videos and photos in safe mode.

Privacy Status: Smart privacy status protects the data from access. It scans the activities and ensures only genuine users have access to it.

Intruder selfie: The intruder selfie takes the photo of the users who put the wrong password or trying to access the phone. The image is stored in separate folders, so the person accessing the phone cannot find it. This way, you can keep watch on your phone and ensure only you can access it.

Block notification access: You can stop the notification from getting added to the quick read screen. The locking system prevents it from the other users. Also, the LockIt App hides the preview and keeps the message safe in the background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Update LockIt App?

Please follow the update notifications in the application dashbaord

How to get the older version of the App?

You can get the previous version of the app from the changelog

Can I download LockIt App on iPhone?

Yes. please visit the App Store and search the app

How to recover the forgotten password from LockIt App?

You can use the password reset option in order to recover or reset your password

How to bypass LockIt App?

You cannot bypass the LockIt App security